Michael & Andrea

Husband & Wife Team

Who We Are

We are a creative husband and wife production team helping people gain clarity, fulfill their purpose, and digitally establish their presence.

About Us

Back in 2016 we were young newlyweds looking to build a life together. We wanted to create a lifestyle where we could make a living helping others using our creative skillsets.

Today we work full-time running a production company called MoneymakerIsland!

Michael Shatravka

My name is Mike, I’m a producer/operator and founder of MoneymakerIsland. I like creating stuff that has value and serves a purpose. I believe if you are going to do anything in life, you mind as well strive to be the best at it. I’m a yes or no, do or die, kind of guy.

Back in 2013 I was in a traumatic motorcycle accident. I was brain damaged and broke every bone in my body. Doctors kept telling me this was “my new normal” but I told them I wasn’t some chump. Through consistent hard work and dedication I became a miraculous recovery success story. Since then I realized life is too short and have been operating in full gear.

We moved to Bayonne, NJ 2yrs ago with nothing. In this time I’ve met most of the business community, joined the Chamber of Commerce, made some solid friends, became vice president of the Rotary club, and built a six-figure production company from scratch working from home. I can confidently say I am a guy that can show up anywhere and make things happen.


Andrea Camacho

I am a self taught graphic designer & editor and always look to make things more visually appealing. I try to look past the initial details and find the inner beauty that resonates. I want my work to touch people on a human level that we can all relate too.

I was born in Colombia and came to the US to learn English. I never planned on staying until I met my husband who taught me so many good things in life and lead me to where I am today.

I support my husband and want to continue growing together and building our MoneymakerIsland.

Fun Fact: I was raised by my grandmother and I LOVE cooking! She used to cook all day, whenever she wasn’t at home, I had to cook because I wasn’t gonna eat some flavorless food. And we never had fast or processed food laying around the house so don’t think my husband got fat because of that, he got fat because he eats all my healthy cooked meals!

Our Approach

We built our business through trial and error working with real people. In order for us to offer competitive service and go beyond the call of duty, we had to continuously refine our process, and look where we can cut out inefficiencies, and still do so to this day.

Over 500 projects later and working with nearly a thousand people, we found the one approach that worked with everyone, was keeping it real. No planned out scripts, just us talking to each other like human beings, and bringing out the candid moments that meant something. That’s why at MoneymakerIsland, we strive to give all of our projects the candid commercial touch.

That doesn’t mean there’s no planning! We heavily believe in preparation and arriving on location with a solid game plan to maximize production output. And by doing so, we’ve made it such a smooth and seamless experience for you, it won’t feel like you’re doing anything, and that’s where the magic happens.

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