Content Campaigns

Creation of specified media content

Starting at $500

Launching your campaign off the ground should be easy and it is! We’re here to capture your offer in a lifestyle scenario so you can create a buzz in the marketplace!

What is a Content Campaign Service?

You have something that you’d like to introduce to the marketplace. Could be anything, maybe it’s a new product, service, announcement, or an upcoming event – and you need professional media content to show people what it is!

That’s where we come in. 

How Does it Work?

Prior to the session, we’ll discuss what your campaign outcome objective is followed by:

  • What are we shooting? How many items, etc.
  • Logisitics / Date(s) / Timeframe / Location
  • Are we doing photo, video, or both?
  • Which platform will this be displayed/distributed on?
  • Would there be a need for multiple locations?
  • Are you providing talent/models or are we casting them?
  • Final Pricing Quote / Collect Payment / Secure Session


  • We show up, setup, recap game-plan
  • Shoot the content while guiding you through everything
  • Edit everything back at our studio
  • Send you a preview gallery link
  • Make any revisions if requested
  • Send over completed content!

The end result is the creation of specified media content to launch your campaign!

View Some Real Content Campaign Scenarios Below!

Apparel Campaign: Jeremy owns a men’s suit store. He’s getting ready to release a new line of clothing and will need lifestyle photos to show customers what it’s like to wear his suits. He thinks of hiring a production agency and then discovers it’s a hundred grand, a whole crew of people, and it’ll take an additional year to launch. Seems a bit much, so John calls up his model buddy, hooks him up with a suit, and then gives us a call to photograph his suit collection in an exciting lifestyle scenario. Within a week, the photos are ready, and John is ready to launch his new fashion line!

One Location. Multiple Outfits. Just Photos.

Service Campaign: Joe is an IT service provider. He understands all these technical problems and is able to offer a solution. Problem is, nobody else understands what he does, and he is having trouble explaining it to them. Joe hires us to meet him on a job site where he is performing this service, and we photograph him doing it. Now Joe is able to show people exactly what he does, they understand it, and they hire him!

One Location. One Service. Just Photos.

Brand Campaign: Alexsi & Sibrena are social media influencers. They are getting ready for a big announcement and need to stay relevant on the gram. They call us to produce a variety of engaging lifestyle content to give people a glimpse into their lifestyle.

Multiple Locations. Multiple Outfits. Just Photos.

Jewelry Campaign: Sandy owns a fashion boutique. She is getting ready to launch a new jewelry collection and wants to showcase the lifestyle on social media. She hooks up all her friends with earrings and gives us a call to photograph all of them in different scenarios. Her campaign is ready to launch within a week!

Multiple Locations. Multiple Models. Multiple Items. Just Photos.

Product Campaign: David owns an electronics e-commerce store. He is getting ready to launch a new product on his website and wants to show his customer what it is and how they can use it! He gives us a call, we pick up the product, photograph it in action, and shoot a tutorial on how to use it!

One Product. One Location. Photos & Video.

Wellness Campaign:  Rimoun owns a comprehensive wellness center. He just opened his business and wants people to know this is a place they can visit for their rehabilitation needs. He hires us to capture the patient lifestyle for each service through photos & video. The final content is distributed through his website and social media, allowing prospective patients to get a glimpse of how his wellness center can help them!

One Location. Multiple Services. Multiple Dates. Multiple Models. Photos & Video.

Here’s a few clients we work with

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