Do You Feel Stuck in Your
Career as a Real Estate Agent?

Are you putting in the blood, sweat, & tears to build your broker’s business or your own legacy?

Are you tired of constantly repeating yourself and wasting time on unqualified leads?

Are you spending tons of money on print ads and looking for a more effective way to market yourself?

If people came to you prepared, would that give your more time to focus on what’s important?

What if YOU were the solution to all your problems but you just needed some guidance to realize it?

Remember, if you aren’t building your own dream,
you’re building someone else’s.

So how do we make this right?

Are Your Ready to Become a Self-Sufficient
Lead Generating Power House?

Start with a landing page that is dedicated to your success, with the sole purpose of sharing your wisdom, empowering your audience, and inspiring people to work with you.

Look Like A Pro

Win first impressions, increase your perceived value, and become a memorable person simply by having professional images.


Win Friends & Influence

All the past achievements, experiences, and challenges you’ve overcame – use this to build instant rapport with people.

Better Quality Clients

Work with people who value your capabilities and what you can do for them by positioning and leveraging your expertise.

Cut to the Chase

No more recapping, now people contact you knowing exactly what you can do for them, so you can focus on what’s important.

Empower Your People

Share your insights and experience to help others in their early stages of their career, and watch it be reciprocated tenfold.

Smarter Advertising

Imagine having an advertising machine that was on 24/7 that virtually didn’t cost a thing, that’s kinda what your landing page is.

Through our process, you will discover your personal brand, uncover your marketable strengths, position yourself to rise above the competition, and own a platform that is 100% dedicated to your success.

MoneymakerIsland is your competitive edge

Let’s Make Things Right, Once and For All.


You probably knew that building a brand was key, but with so many gurus telling you what to do, it was easy to get lost. Don’t sweat it, we’ve come up with a practical comprehensive solution for getting you started.

Here’s the game plan:


Uncover ways to better market yourself using your own life story.

Through a facilitated discovery session, we’ll help you uncover stories and moments from your life that you can use to better market your personal brand.

  • We’ll help you learn more about yourself and guide you with thoughtful questions to build a powerful brand story that builds rapport and resonates with people.
  • We’ll help your understand your audience and give you clarity on where to focus your efforts.
  • After the session we will write your compelling ‘About Me’ bio and e-mail it to you within 5-7 business days along with your original session video recording.

We capture what’s unique about your day in the life as a professional.

You get the hollywood treatment for a day with your own personal camera crew. We’ll capture the everyday moments that unfold and put together a powerful story back at our studio for you to later use in your marketing.

  • Authentic lifestyle images of your day in the life as a professional to give potential prospects an idea of what it’s like working with you.
  • Say goodbye to expensive overused stock photos! Now the media used in your marketing materials is real and 100% yours, no licensing or inflated usage fees!
  • Around 100 edited images on average which include: head shots, indoor/outdoor lifestyle shots, interacting with people, creative shots, etc.



Personalized ‘About Me’ video that demonstrates value & builds rapport.

On the day-in-the-life shoot, we’ll make sure you’re looking your best, and subtly direct you for some cheerful upbeat moments. Back at the studio, we’ll compile & edit the footage to create your genuine ‘About Me’ video.

  • An About Me video showing people what it’s like to work with you and a quick glimpse into your personal life for immediate rapport building.
  • We keep your videos upbeat and personalized to attract the type of clients that are eager to work with you.
  • Use this on your landing page and social media profiles to give yourself that competitive edge.

A memorable Brand Identity System that is true to your values.

We put together a consistent Brand Identity that represents your core values and subtly communicates the type of clientele you work with.

  • We use what we’ve learned about you in our Discovery Session to design the look & feel of your brand.
  • We’ll do a competitive audit and present to you 3 different stylescape options to choose from for the look & feel of your Brand Identity System.
  • Deliverables include: Primary Font Logo, Secondary Font Logo, Favicon, Color Palette,  Downloadable Fonts, and Brand Guide.



Make yourself OFFICIAL with a personalized brand landing page

A single place on the web that is 100% dedicated to your brand that allows you to operate on a greater scale 24/7. We’ll take care of everything for you, so you can continue doing what you do with zero downtime.

  • A 24/7 rapport building lead magnet machine, put together from all the genuine content we had produced earlier with you.
  • We host & configure your website so you don’t have to deal with any extra bills or confusing technical setup. We also include your first year of hosting at no charge!
  • We use WordPress, it’s super simple, user-friendly, and easy for you to write blogs, check your stats, and make any updates as needed.
  • Build your following with an automated system. E-mail subscribers are captured to your list and each time you post a blog, it will automaticall send to them!

Start showing up on Google Maps!

We’ll setup your Google Maps business profile so people on the web searching for your services could find and get in contact with you.

  • Highly effective in small to medium sized communities.
  • Adds a layer of credibility & professional to your business.
  • We optimize all the technical backend stuff to make sure your website is safe, secure, and super fast!
  • We include all the correct keyword tags & titles so you start showing up on google for relevant searches.



We’ve made this into a seamless experience of for getting your personal brand off the ground.
All you really have to do is show-up and we’ll take care of the rest.

*** Branding Production Exclusive to 25mi Radius of NYC Area ***

Our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are less than 100% satisfied with your purchase after 30 days,
we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

What Clients are Saying!

MoneymakerIsland was an absolute incredible service that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to go beyond what they could ever expect in a professional production experience. Michael is talented, professional, and was able to use his adaptable nature to create a comfortable environment to get the best results possible. Will be using Michael & MoneymakerIsland again. 100%

Michael Mead
Tech Startup Consultant

Michael is truly a professional!!
Thank you for making my website on the highest level.

Mikhail Mudrik ‘Mr. Mudrik’
Luxury Real Estate Agent
One & Only Realty

Did a discovery session with Michael, we really went deep, I am super stoked with all the ideas I have now never thought my past experiences could be so useful now!

Szi Gabor
Blockparty Production

Michael is very responsible and a serious person to do business with!

Gennady Perepada ‘Mr. Manhattan’
Luxury Real Estate Broker
One & Only Realty

 Mike helped build two separate websites for my companies and has been nothing short of great. He delivers great work and undeniable results. Punctual, responsive and professional. Anytime we need him he’s there. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

Abroham Kromah
Venture Capitalist

I give Michael the highest possible recommendation. His technical skills are superb and he will take whatever time necessary to make sure you understand how to operate your website. Even though I am not a technical guy, he has made the entire process productive and painless. I am really appreciative of everything Michael has done for my website and would hire him again for any project.

Philip Combs
Trial Attorney

We have been working with Michael and always getting great results! He is very creative, skillful and delivers what clients want. Highly recommended to work with him and his crew!

Atsuo Matsumoto
Music Producer
The Dayoffs

MoneymakerIsland is more than a production company, it’s a family. Mike, Andrea, they really do what they gotta do, they show you love, make sure there’s no BS, no trying to get over, they go above and beyond. They turn dreams into reality. I don’t even think a year ago from now I’d be at the point where I’m at if it wasn’t for Mike. Just him pushing me and telling me the heights I can get to and know where we’re going in the future. If you don’t get down with MoneymakerIsland now, you’re losing out, the stock is rising, so get down with the team!

Richard Walker
Personal Trainer

Michael has been the real deal. They made a commitment and turned around this production in record time. The results are fantastic and their prices were competitive for the quality of work. Would hire again.

Joseph Stornelli
Principal & Founder
JS Technology Group

Very professional and excellent turn around time! Highly recommend to anyone looking for high quality productions.

Bryan Fein
Music Producer
Origins Underground

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find your question please e-mail us at [email protected]

Who Is This For?

Seasoned Professionals Looking for that Competitive Edge

  • You know your business inside and out, this is your main source of livelihood, you live, breathe, and eat real estate what you do! Now you are looking to take your career to the next level with that extra layer of professionalism and start working with people on a greater scale!

Attract Better Quality Leads

  • You’re already on every social media networking platform. Now you’re increasing those odds of being clicked by having a professional photo. You’re increasing those odds even further by having a personalized value packed bio. Now the prospect is on your website and has been blown away with all the value you’ve given them. If they’re still there, chances are they already feel like they’ve known you for years. These are the kind of people you want to be talking with.

Lay the Foundation for your Marketing Funnels

  • With your personal brand landing page in place, you can start packaging & promoting your value on social media, and driving people back to your website to build it up your mailing list. 

Who Is This Not For?

Not Recommended for Beginners

  • If you are still relatively new in your professional career with less than 2 years of experience, we do not recommend purchasing our Branding Production. We would highly recommend investing in your knowledge, people skills, becoming better at what you do, and reconsider coming back to this when you’re ready to operate on a larger scale.

Not an Overnight Miracle Solution

  • Having a professional web presence will have a tremendous positive effect on your career in the long run. In the short term, it will give you an added layer of credibility & professionalism, but you still have to put in the effort and offer people value, build real relationships, and strive to become the best in your industry. This landing page is like your nest egg that needs to be nurtured over time. If you’re looking for a quick get rich gimmick, this isn’t it.

Isn’t a Magic Sales Machine

  • It is highly unlikely that someone will stumble upon your website with their credit card out and purchase your highest ticket service. It’s a more realistic that someone contacting you from your website, will be a warmer, and more qualified lead. You’ll still need to talk to them and do your real estate thing, but the quality of the conversation will mean much more.

$8000!? $1500?? $200?

If the investment price is the main thing on your mind right now, this isn’t for you. In fact, I would not feel comfortable doing business with you at this time, and I think spending money on any of this wouldn’t generate the return you’re hoping for, whether the work came from us, or somebody else. It would make more sense to revisit this when you’re able to fully utilize it.

What Makes You So Qualified to Do All This Stuff? 

The fact you’re on this page reading this. Just kidding, well kinda. In all seriousness though, over the last few years we’ve produced over 500 commercial projects, and worked with at least a thousand people, some including high-profile celebrity clientele. We’ve helped brands & businesses distinguish themselves with a compelling web presence and attract better leads off the web. When it comes down to integrity, we go above & beyond for our people, if you do business with us, you’re practically family.

How Long Does a Brand Production Take?

Usually this takes between 3-5 weeks until completion.

When will I Start Noticing Results?

We wish there was a magic pill answer to this. To be frank, it really depends on where you are at in your career, your social skills, your network of influence, and ultimately your level of ambition. Most people will see some sort of immediate positive response from their peers & local networks upon launch. Usually within 2-3 months, if you’ve been nurturing your personal brand, you’ll start to notice people contacting you, and viewing you as an expect in your field. And usually by the end of the first year, you’ll start reaping the rewards if you’ve consistently followed through with everything. Once again, results may vary, all of our clients say it has tremendously added a layer of credibility to their business, and some say couldn’t imagine living without their personal brand.

I made a Purchase But Haven’t Received Any E-Mails?

If you have made your purchase and still not received any e-mails from us, please check your spam folder, and make sure [email protected] is part of your contact. If you still can’t find anything, send us an e-mail and we’ll resend everything for you.

What About Revisions?

After our Discovery session, we will never contact you regarding design questions, or ask for any creative input from you. We refer to our notes made from our Discovery session to make the best creative judgement on our part when it comes to creating your visual assets. We expect you to have the professional courtesy to let us do our job. If it’s just a minor change, we will be happy to make accomodations. However, if for some reason you’re still not happy, we offer a 30-day satisfaction refund guarantee after 30 days of purchase.

Discovery Session - FAQs

After you’ve made your purchase, we’ll e-mail you a link to schedule your Discovery Session. Please have Skype downloaded with a working microphone ready, video is optional on your part. On the actual call, we’ll do a brief intro, go over the agenda, and then begin our process.

5-7 business days afterwards, we’ll send a video recording from your session, and a newly written copy for your About Me bio, that you could start using on your agency profiles.

Hopefully by the end of the session:

  • We’ve identified your marketable strengths & weaknesses
  • Established your positioning statement
  • Given you clarity of where you fit in the marketplace
  • Uncovered key life experiences to build rapid rapport on
  • Understood who your target audience really is
  • Touched base on your brand identity system
  • Went over the next steps to take how to apply what we spoke about
  • Depending your package: Go over landing page/production schedule/what to expect
Brand Identity System - FAQs

Our brand identity systems consist of visual elements that compliment the core values of your brand. This is the actual look & feel you are showing people on your landing page, online profiles, and printing on all your marketing materials.

Brand Identity Process:

Prior to designing your landing page, we’ll use our professional creative judgment, and present to you 3 different style mockup variations. The one you select will be used to determine the final look & feel of your brand identity system, landing page, and future marketing materials.

Our Brand Identity System deliverables include:

  • Primary Logo: Mainly used for website, business cards, major marketing materials.
  • Secondary Logo: A minimalized version of the primary logo, mainly used for signatures, watermarks, secondary marketing materials.
  • Favicon: The top icon on your website tabs on your browser.
  • Color Palette: 3 Complimenting colors that express who you are and audience you serve.
  • Fonts: We find a primary Title font & secondary Paragraph font that compliment each other and establish your brand integrity.
  • Brand Guide: A short handbook that explains how to properly use your brand assets, asset file names to refer back on as needed, and your brand identity visualized on different mock-ups.
  • All Brand Identity Assets include the original vectorized PSD & AI source files. Final assets delivered in High resolution JPG & PNG with black, & color palette variations, all bundled together in a ZIP file.

I’m with a New Brokerage, Changed my Phone Nunber, Etc. – I need to update my visuals!

  • We provide the original Adobe source files so you can always make updates on your own if needed.
  • If you aren’t sure how to do that we recommend hiring someone on Fiverr to make any minor changes.
  • If you still want us to do that, we offer visual maintenance at $200 per session.

Printing Disclaimer:

Please keep in mind, we are only providing you with digital delivery of your brand identity assets. We do not handle or are affiliated with any printing company. It is your sole responsibility to to use these Brand Identity Assets as you see fit on your marketing materials.


Branding Production - FAQs

Towards the end of our Discovery session we’ll go over what to expect on the Branding Production shoot, and schedule a date that works for both of us. In addition, we’ll send you a “Your Day in the Life Shoot” handbook, where we cover topics ranging from, what to wear, what to say / questions to think about, turnaround time, how to use these photos, etc.

On the day of the actual shoot, we’ll be with you for at least 3-5 hours photographing & capturing moments that you can use for your marketing materials, social media, and landing page.

In addition, when we’re at a suitable location, we’ll video tape you speaking for the ‘About Me’ video.

We have the right to use your media on our websites/marketing materials but give you full unlimited global usage rights on all the media content, so no hidden fees, or costs for licensing. If you do not feel comfortable with this, please contact us regarding full buyout options.

Lifestyle Production Deliverables Include:

  • Around 100 edited photos: color corrected & lightly retouched.
  • All delivered to you via digital gallery in 1920×1080 JPG web quality format
  • Edited High Quality ~1min “About Me” video in 1920×1080 .Mp4 format.
  • Edited Low Quality ~1min “About Me” video in 1920×1080 .Mp4 format.

We do not provide unedited RAW photos or RAW video clips or individual video clips. 
Please contact us regarding full buyout options.

Landing Page / Web Design / Google SEO - FAQs

The last steps of the project are designing your landing page, getting all of your newly produced media content up there, and optimzing your presence for the web.

What Do You Need From Me?

  • You will need to purchase a domain name that will be connected to our hosting server. Godaddy & Namecheap usually have promotions going on, worth checking them out, refer to our checklist.
  • After our Discovery Session we’ll send you a “What Do We Need From You” checklist to get your Landing Page started. We usually require just a few media assets, website links, business info, and additional text copy. Uploading made simple with Dropbox file requests.

Is My Website Safe & Encrypted, you know HTTPS:// ?

  • Yes! We encrypt your website at no cost so your page shows up safe and doesn’t get flagged by Google.

What Type of Website Platform Will I Be On (CMS)?

  • All of our websites are built on WordPress.
  • WordPress has been rated as one of the top user-friendly websites for non tech savvy people.
  • All of our Websites are powered with the DIVI builder ($250 Value – you get full lifetime access & unlimited updates for FREE just for being our customer!)

Will I Have Admin Access to my Landing Page Website?

  • YES! Absolutely.  We will generate your own user ID with admin access and e-mail you a link to create a password, that you can use to login to the backend of your website when needed.
  • You’ll be able to do things such as writing blog posts, adding new photos, updating information, adding new pages/plugins (although we don’t recommend doing that!).

Will I Have Admin Access to my Google Maps Business Page?

  • Yes! We will send you all the login details.

Do You Offer Maintenance/Support? I don’t want to deal with it.

  • We offer free emergency support for any hosting related errors.
  • We offer free support if any of the modules on your landing page stop functioning properly.
  • We offer paid support ($200 per session) to make any updates/changes/removals/etc. on the original landing page – just e-mail us a checklist of needed updates after you make your purchase.
  • We offer paid support ($500 per session) to setup & configure any new plugins or modules that were not included with the original landing page.
  • If you added additional pages, installed new plugins, messed with the backend code, and now your website is no longer working properly. Please contact us for Critical/Recovery support and we’ll let see what your options are.

How Does Web Hosting Work?

  • Your first year is included at no additional charge on our server. After one year of purchase you will be billed at the standard $150 annual renewal price. Don’t worry we’ll send you a reminder 30 days prior of your renewal date.
  • Our servers are safe & secure with daily backups.
  • East coast data center for faster loading speeds.
  • All our $150 annual hosting plans include up to 25,000 visitors per month with up to 5gb of data storage. Most agents average around 5k visitors per month and reach up to 1gb in storage. If we notice your usage is high, we’ll contact you about upgrading your plan.

Will I have Access to a CPANEL/PLESK?

  • We do not offer CPANEL or PLESK access.

Can I Host My Website Somewhere Else?

  • If you choose to host your website with another provider please ask us before making a purchase because you will incur an additional $500 foreign host fee. In addition we will not offer emergency server support if your landing page has errors. Keep in mind all of our additional web addons/services will be priced at double for foreign hosts.
  • If you choose to later host with another provider, we will bundle up your website contents, and e-mail them to you via ZIP file for a $500 foreign host migration fee. We are not responsible for unpacking/reconfiguring content on your foreign host, please contact a webmaster.
Launch / Project Completion!

Prior to launch we will send you a link to review all your brand new visual assets and landing page! We’ll accommodate your feedback if you have any, when everything looks right, we will launch your brand new personal brand landing page, and send over a link to download all your visual assets!

The Personalized Touch

Over 600 projects later, we’ve managed to stay away from scripts, make everyone look good, and bring out the candid moments that people can relate too!

Our Branding House

Michael Shatravka

We are a creative husband and wife team providing branding solutions at an agency level!

  • No Middle Men
  • Cost Effective
  • Dozens of Satisfied Clients
  • A Local Business
  • Personalized Service
  • Professional Equipment
  • Rapid Turnaround
  • Google Contributor
  • Member of Bayonne Chamber of Commerce

Andrea Camacho

Our Approach

We built our business through trial and error working with real people. In order for us to offer competitive service and go beyond the call of duty, we had to continuously refine our process, and look where we can cut out inefficiencies, and still do so to this day.

Over 600 projects later and working with nearly a thousand people, we found the one approach that worked with everyone, was keeping it real. No planned out scripts, just us talking to each other like human beings, and bringing out the candid moments that meant something. That’s why at MoneymakerIsland, we strive to give all of our projects the candid commercial touch.

That doesn’t mean there’s no planning! We heavily believe in preparation and arriving on location with a solid game plan to maximize production output. And by doing so, we’ve made it such a smooth and seamless experience for you, it won’t feel like you’re doing anything, and that’s where the magic happens.

If you still have any questions please email us at [email protected]

© 2056 Copyright MoneymakerIsland, LLC. All Rights Reserved