Michael Mead Consulting

Digital Production

A tech-savvy Blockchain Start-up consultant had no website to show people.


  • He did a lot of complicated blockchain work, we needed to simplify everything so people could understand him.


  • A simplified modern website that was easy to navigate and summed up how he helped people with a call to action.

Project Scope

  • Branding
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Video Production
  • Consultant Web Design



Michael Mead is a consultant who specializes in tech start-ups. Prior to this, his only form of professional online presence was his Linkedin account. When people viewed his profile, he looked just like every other consultant out there, he needed a way to stand out.


Build a website that captures his essence and talks to people on a conversational level.



On the day of the shoot, Michael was well dressed and came looking sharp, you’d never take him for a guy who worked in the tech industry. I wanted to incorporate his young, professional, hip & trendy style into the website.

For the video production, I wanted to create a 1min intro/hook video where people were able to understand his offer and how he couldt help them. In order to do that we had to simplify all the industry-tech-talk and dumb it down to a conversational level.


Web Design

For such a clean-cut guy, with one clear goal, a smooth one-page website would do the trick. The images immediately established his demeanor, the conversational text showed that he was an easy guy to work with, and the popular search keywords demonstarted he knew what he was talking about. All these elements working together would entice the visitor to schedule a complimentary conultation to assess their situation.

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