Nurse Scrubbs Apparel

Ecommerce Production

Wholesaler breaks into retail with new medical apparel line: Scrubbs.


  • With limited sample sizes in stock,
    we had to figure out how to photograph
    x-large clothing sizes, on smaller sized models, and still make it look fitted.


  • A premium nurse scrubbs apparel line
    with that relaxed-fit look.

Project Scope

  • Casting
  • Pre-Production
  • White Background Photography
  • Photo Editing
  • Logo Design Overhaul
  • Clothing Label Design
  • Catalog Design
  • Branding & Identity Design



After having much success in the wholesale industry, our client wanted to break into the retail world to explore higher profit margins, and build a brand legacy. On top of that, as digital media becomes remarkably effective at serving our basic shopping and distribution needs, consumer dependence on physical stores is rapidly diminishing. Our job was to was produce some of the media essentials needed for online/retail distribution.


Coordinate an entire production and photograph the apparel in a way that aligns with the client’s goals and target demographic, as well as designing the media essentials needed for proper distribution.



While the client was waiting for the clothing samples, we initiated the casting process, in order to be ready to go, once the samples arrived. We did a digital casting through facebook by posting in multiple niche related actor/model groups. The breakdown was on a lower, non-exclusive budget, and we were looking for attractive young adult, semi-professional, male & female models, that could portray medical nurses. We received over a hundred submissions, did about a dozen callbacks, and finally came down to hiring 3 models that fit the look.



Once the client was ready for us to move forward, the next step was to secure a studio location, find an equipment rental, put together a production crew, and finalize the shoot schedule.


Studio Location – We were able to pull a few strings and get a discounted full-service studio space that also included all of the Profoto lighting equipment that we needed.

Stylist: Andrea was in charge of finding matching shoes to go with the nurse Scrubbs outfits, steaming the outfits, stylizing the talent to appear fitted, and keeping track of which items we photographed.

Hair & Make-Up (H&MU): We hired Alexandra By Appointment to do the H&MU and make sure the talent looked good throughout the shoot.

Production Assistant (PA): Setup lighting and equipment, prepare white-background seamless backdrop, and offering additional assistance as needed.

Producer/Photographer – I produced and coordinated the entire shoot and did the actual shooting at the studio.

Logistics: A few days before the shoot date, I called the talent & crew to confirm all the details and their availability. The day before the shoot, I sent out a call-sheet to solidify everything.

Producer/Photographer: Michael Shatravka
AD/Stylist: Andrea Camacho
Studio Manager/Assist: Alex Knight
Hair & Make-Up: Alexandra Sifre
Talent: Nick CallegaroLiana PirraliaRose Seidman


White Background Photography

The big day! We picked up donuts & coffee for the whole team and arrived an hour early at the studio to setup. At 10am our models arrived, we went over the game plan, got them fitted at wardrobe, and sent them over to H&MU to get ready. Andrea had the scrubbs lined up so we could effectively keep shooting while a model went to change. The entire shoot lasted about 4hrs from setup to breakdown. We had 3 models and roughly 3 clothing styles with 15 color/pattern variations, and for each item we photographed 3 different angles (front, back, and side).


Photo Editing

We had about 1300 RAW images from the shoot. After culling out the unusable shots, we were down to 200 images. We sent a link of the selected images to the client, where they picked out their favorites editing. The final selects were lightly retouched and clipped for a pure white background resulting in approximately 100 final images.


Logo Design Overhaul

They liked certain elements but were not completely thrilled about their Scrubbs logo. Previously, it was printed on their older line of scrubs that had far inferior quality. The newer line, that we had just photographed, was made with superior quality fabrics, and they wanted us to revamp the Scrubbs logo to visually demonstrate that. They also had their ‘Scrubbs man’ trademarked, so we had to figure out a way to include him in the revamped design.

We did some research based on the notes we took from our initial meeting: they wanted  a more elegant design and were looking to sell their apparel in medium-income shopping outlets at the $40 ballpark. We assessed their competitors and analyzed their products looking for a common denominator. We found the majority of them kept it simple, used background textures, and had premium colors & fonts.


Clothing Tags Design

Using the elements & characteristics from the logo revamp, we designed multiple sets of clothing tags for their different styles of Scrubbs: Basic, Pediatric, and Premium. We wanted to include the same logo and textured background across all of the tags to give them that solid-quality-feel. The only difference the tags had were the titles, colors, or print patterns.


Catalog Design

We designed a catalog that that displayed all of our previous elements on a larger scale. Our objective with this catalog, was to show all of the Scrubbs clothing styles, colors, and details that a wholesaler buyer would want to know.

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