The Investment

Rise Above the Competition
with MoneymakerIsland

A truly unique experience unlike any other

Unlike your off the shelf cookie-cutter services that leave you hanging with a bunch of media assets you have no clue what to do with. We provide a seamless personalized experience using these digital tools to find a solution to your problem. We guide you through our process and integrate your unique story and personality into a brand that resonates with your audience. We are here to help you grow and take pride in being a part of your journey.

Expert Coaching

Over the last few years we’ve come across hundreds of people that needed a little direction on camera. We’ll guide you a long the way making sure each moment counts.

Authentic Images

We’ll capture you in your best and meaningful moments that are true to your brand. Afterall a photo is a thousand words, these images are carefully shot to build rapport.

Compelling Video

We stay away from scripts and evoke real improvised moments, showing you at your best, allowing people to resonate with what you’re saying.

An Enticing Platform

We design a unique website platform that is easy to navigate and dedicated to your brand with an offer and call to action that makes sense to everyone.

Seamless Experience

We are here to hold your hand and guide you throughout the branding process. Our goal is to make it feel so easy you won’t think you’re doing anything. Simplicity is key.

Clarity & Purpose

By the end of this experience you will have a unique brand and hopefully learn something new about yourself, allowing you to operate with clarity & purpose!

MoneymakerIsland is more than a production company, it’s a family. Mike, Andrea, they really do what they gotta do, they show you love, make sure there’s no BS, no trying to get over, they go above and beyond. They turn dreams into reality. I don’t even think a year ago from now I’d be at the point where I’m at if it wasn’t for Mike. Just him pushing me and telling me the heights I can get to and know where we’re going in the future. If you don’t get down with MoneymakerIsland now, you’re losing out, the stock is rising, so get down with the team!

MoneymakerIsland was an absolute incredible service that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to go beyond what they could ever expect in a professional production experience. Michael is talented, professional, and was able to use his adaptable nature to create a comfortable environment to get the best results possible. Will be using Michael & MoneymakerIsland again. 100%

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