Video Pumps

For people who have trouble talking to the camera

Starting at $1500

You have so many great ideas and as soon as you get in front of the camera your mind goes blank, you try writing a script, and then you sound like a robot. Through our facilitated on-camera session, you’ll feel like you’re having a regular conversation, while we’ll do our thing to pump valuable content out of you!

What Exactly is a Video Pump?

You already know that you need to be creating video content for your business. Except when you get in front of the camera it turns into 50 takes, you’re totally lost, everything is out of order, and 2hrs have gone by. You turn off the camera and tell yourself you’ll do it later, except later never comes. That’s where we come in.

Prior to the video pump, we’ll do a brief strategy call on what you plan to talk about during the session. We’ll help you map your ideas into comprehendible episodes, with a light improvised bullet framework attached. On the day of the shoot, we’ll setup shop, and guide you through each episode. It’ll almost feel like you’re just having a regular conversation with us! Once we’ve got what we can out of you, we’ll chop everything up, and have your episodes ready to watch within a week!

Here’s a few clients we work with

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